Opiate Addiction Treatment: Royal Life Center's Offers Hope For A Better Tomorrow

Opiate addiction is a problem that has been growing exponentially over the last few years, and anyone struggling with an opiate addiction problem knows all too well the ravages of prescription drug abuse. Addiction to prescription drugs such as opiates and other pain medications has reached epidemic proportions, and health officials, lawmakers, and communities all over the United States are reeling from the effects.

While the ravages of opiate addiction are tearing some people's lives asunder, there are those who have decided to live a different way of life, and have successfully found that help with Royal Life Centers. Royal Life Centers offers comprehensive, holistic, evidence-based opiate addiction treatment help for people and families struggling with substance abuse issues.

Depending on the opiates or drugs being used, a medically assisted detox is typically the first stop on the road to healing opiate drug addiction. Royal Life Centers has several different detox centers located throughout the United States, and you or your loved one may choose to attend whichever facility is most appropriate based on your needs as well as clinical recommendations on how to best detox from opiates.

Although our opiate detox facilities vary in location, they provide the same level of unparalleled addiction treatment and care.

Detox From Opiates: What You Need to Know

The first goal of detox is stabilization, to make sure that major health issues are under control and that the addict or alcoholic is in a safe state. Once a client has been stabilized, the focus of a detox program is to monitor the addict's progress as their body rids itself of the drugs and alcohol.

The next thing accomplished is managing and treating any symptoms that can arise from withdrawals. Getting clean and sober is a process that starts with an opiate detox center, but opiate detox treatment alone is not sufficient treatment for drug addiction. Addiction and opiate drug abuse have roots in both psychological, physical, and environmental factors that are dealt with in follow on addiction treatment programs and therapies. It is clinically recommended and proven by research that addicts and alcoholics who attend follow-on care and therapy for addiction treatment have much better success rates at staying clean and sober.

Each and every person that comes through a Royal Life Centers opiate Detox program or facility receives an individualized and personal level of care. All of our detox procedures, processes, and programs are medically supervised and crafted with the highest standards of addiction treatment in mind. Each detox center admission will begin with an assessment to determine the exact detox program protocols and plans that you will receive. Some of the questions asked during a detox center admission evaluations assess the following:

  • -What specific opiates a person is taking and or physically dependent on?
  • -When was the last time a person used theiropiates?
  • -Have there been previous attempts at getting clean?
  • -Any relevant medical history that could affect an opiate detox process?
  • -Is there a complete Pyscho-social work up?

RLC Opiate Opiate Addiction Treatment Admissions

Our detox centers are all closed facilities which enable patients to recover in a safe, secure, and supervised environment. Not having visitors during your stay both allows you focus on getting better and treatment, and we find this increases a guest's success. We have medical staff and nurses overseeing the medical aspects of the program while certified behavioral health technicians are monitoring and assisting you throughout your entire stay. We have elaborate security & observation systems throughout the facility as your safety and security are our utmost priority.

With our comprehensive drug detox program we are certain that we can help you gain your life back, and return to being a productive member of society. We have helped countless men and women recover from the debilitating damages of drug abuse, and we can help you as well. There is no need to continue living in the pain and darkness of active drug or alcohol addiction, call us today and find out how to start the first day of the rest of your life.

Royal Life Centers Addiction Treatment

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