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Cocaine is an extremely potent stimulant that works on the central nervous system and is highly addictive. Addiction is something that rarely if ever resolves itself on its own, and many times people find that they are able to conquer their cocaine addiction by getting cocaine addiction treatment help from a qualified addiction treatment center. Royal Life Centers has been helping cocaine addicts get clean and sober since 2007. Royal Life's cocaine addiction programs provide all levels of care for those who are dealing with a cocaine issue. Every addict is going to have different needs, and depending on what level of care is clinically appropriate, Royal Life's programs are sure to help.

Cocaine is a powerfully addictive stimulant drug derived from the Coca plant that was used by Natives in South America for thousands of years for its effects. The purified chemical from which cocaine originates was originally isolated from the plant, over 100 years ago. Before the invention of modern anesthetics, cocaine was used during surgeries and other medical procedures. Over time, however, research has shown that cocaine is a highly addictive substance that can alter brain chemistry, function, and have long-term adverse health effects.

Today cocaine is scheduled as an illegal substance by all government bodies, and in 2013 accounted for almost 10% of all treatment center admissions nationwide. The majority of people who seek cocaine addiction treatment, were also users of crack cocaine and often are addicted to additional substances as well. Royal Life Centers recognizes that cocaine addiction is a complex disease involving changes to a person's personality, brain chemistry, in addition to a wide range of factors involving social, familial, and other environmental factors.

Our approach to cocaine addiction is therefore multi-faceted, holistic, and we strive to help individuals address all elements of a cocaine addiction problem.

Short Term Effects of Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine's effect appear almost immediately after use from even a single dose and disappear within a few minutes to an hour depending on how much cocaine is taken. The drug can decrease the need for food and sleep and leaves the user feeling euphoric, energetic, talkative, mentally alert and hypersensitive to environmental stimuli.

The short-term health effects of cocaine include constricted blood vessels, dilated pupils, and elevated heart rate, blood pressure, and body temperature. Large doses of cocaine can lead to bizarre, erratic, and violent behavior. Some cocaine addicts report feelings of restlessness, irritability, anxiety, panic, paranoia, and some users may experience more severe mental and physical issues. Severe medical side effects associated even with short-term cocaine use or addiction are:

  • intense cardiovascular issues, including disturbances in heart rhythm and heart attacks
  • neurological effects including headaches, seizures, strokes, and even in severe cases, comas

There's no shame in admitting to a cocaine addiction, and needing help for a cocaine addiction. Hundreds of thousands of people have used the substance, and many have developed addictions. More and more Americans understand that addictions come due to chemical changes, not the personal weakness. That means more and more people support the idea of recovery. Anyone with an addiction should embrace these changes and get real and lasting cocaine addiction help. When they fight back, amazing things can happen. Recovery is real and very possible.

If you or a loved one are dealing with an addiction problem and are in need of help, contact us today. We have trained inpatient drug rehab counselors ready to help you with the admissions process. We can answer any questions you may have, and ensure that we get you into the best Royal Life Centers inpatient addiction program to help you address your issues.

No matter how dark things may seem, Royal Life Centers is ready to help you take your life back, and break free of active addiction and alcoholism. Call us today for a free confidential addiction assessment.

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